About Us

Professional work

Our team consists of the most qualified and experienced set of individuals within the logistics industry. Our team is a true asset to The SRS Logistics. The SRS Logistics recognizes the true potential and rewards its team appropriately. Our team of enthusiastic employees is well versed with the logistics industry and the procedures that transpire between the time we pick and the time we deliver. We guarantee a no worry 24*7 service. Once we are in charge, you don’t have to think twice about your consignment; all headaches are ours and all gain is yours.

Dedicated means that your freight is the only goods loaded, there is no part loading or trans-shipping which further enhances the safety and security of the load. We transport everything from single pallets to full load consignments with our extensive diverse fleet of accredited vehicles throughout India.

Reliable & Professional

We strive to provide a seamless solution for your logistics requirement:
24 hour - 7 day operations
Dedicated high quality service
Meeting deadlines
Excellent communication
Continuous improvement policy